Maturity and Accountability

A long time ago, a dear friend told me, “Maturity means that we show up where and when we said we would, and that we do what we said we were going to do when we get there.” 

This is not complicated. 

In fact, it is quite simple. 

However, simple is not always easy. 

Lots of things get in the way. 

Other people want or need our attention. 

Unforeseen obstacles come across our path. 

We get tired, distracted, overwhelmed, or simply forget. 

None of these are excuses, however. 

A mature person does not make excuses. 

A mature person may have explanations as to why he or she failed, but those explanations come with apologies, the offer to make things right, and the willingness to change so that the same mistakes are not made again where and whenever possible. 

Maturity and accountability are synonymous with one another. 

We cannot have one without the other. 

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