Celebrating Art

When we first start practicing our art, it will be ugly. 

It will be messy. 

Things will not work the way we want them to. 

What we imagine will not be what happens. 

Our desires and our intentions will not clearly manifest through our efforts. 

We will fumble and get frustrated. 

We will get discouraged. 

If we are going to quit, this is the time to do it. 

If, on the other hand, we embrace the ugliness, the messiness, the frustration, and the discouragement, if we persist, if we continue to practice, and if we push forward in spite of all that seems to be lacking, we will begin to notice improvement. 

It will be slow, it will be hard-won, and it will be inconsistent, but it will be improvement nonetheless. 

If we get this far with our art, we will have gotten further than most people do. 

Over time, our work will become a little bit less ugly and a little less messy. 

Our frustration and discouragement will become a little less frequent and pronounced. 

Eventually, we will come to discover that, where before we were attempting art, now we are doing art. 

This is an achievement worth celebrating. 

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