Anger’s Sunk Cost

Anger tricks us. 

It tricks us into believing that it will help us to overcome our problems, but the truth is that it only makes them worse. 

It tricks us into thinking that it will bring us closer to that which we seek while simultaneously moving us further and further away from it. 

It tricks us into solitude, telling us that it will provide us with enough company and comfort to sustain us when, in the end, anger will only leave us miserable, alone, and afraid. 

And, anger tricks us into feeling as if the more time and energy we spend feeding into it, the more righteous, justified, and virtuous we become when nothing could be further from the truth. 

This last characteristic of anger is particularly heinous. 

It causes us to think of anger as an investment. 

It tells us that we must continue to give more and more of ourselves to it in order to someday receive the much awaited payout. 

That payout will never come, however, and anger is a difficult thing to let go of once we have invested so much of our time, our energy, and our identity into it. 

If we are to overcome our anger, if we are to live a life of fruitful joy and contentment, we must not fall prey to the anger’s sunk cost fallacy. 

The more we invest in our anger, the more it will take from us. 

It never works the other way around. 

We will never get our time, our happiness, and our relationships back through anger. 

We have to learn to cut our losses and move on, away from anger and toward something else, something wholesome and truthful. 

Anger is a liar and a thief. 

We can and we must do better than to rely on it for guidance. 

Even if we have held onto our anger for a long time, especially if we have held onto our anger for a long time, we must let go. 

The light is waiting for us, but it can only be found on the other side of anger. 

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