Celebrating Our Influences

Every once in a while, it is important to take a moment to reflect on all of the lives that have influenced us and helped to shape us to become who we are now.

These are the people who have passed through our lives or us theirs and who have since passed on. 

It is up to us to remember them so that their impact on the world remains long after they are gone. 

In this way, these people, our family, or friends, and our teachers who are no longer here, continue to live on through us.

Their words, their deeds, and their intentions exist in who we are and in the changes we make on the world. 

We would not, we could not, be who we are today without them. 

We carry their memories in our hearts, but, from time to time, we should bring them to the forefront of our consciousness to reflect on who they were, what they meant to us, and what their impact on us means to the lives of those around us. 

Our choices, our actions, and our relationships are as much a reflection of our decisions as they are of our influences. 

It is important, therefore that we make time and space in our lives to reflect on and celebrate the lives of those who have influenced our own. 

This can be done at any time and for any reason, but it is also a good practice to set aside specific times for remembrance and celebration so that we do not become so busy with the blessings in our lives that we forget to be thankful for those who helped to make them possible. 

In remembrance of my grandparents, my teacher, my friend, and my wife’s cousin.

Thank you. 

To all those still with us, Happy Lunar New Year!

May it be filled with peace and blessings. 

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