Wasted Inspiration

It is important to look outside of ourselves for inspiration. 

It is equally important to look inside of ourselves for effort. 

We need to see others being creative, innovative, and successful so that we know that it is possible. 

But, this alone will not move us forward. 

We have to do something with the inspiration we receive. 

We have to apply effort. 

We have to use inspiration as fuel for the work that we must, ourselves, do. 

Without our own labor applied to the inspiration we have received from others, it was all for nothing. 

Inspiration without follow-up is a hollow sentiment, a life lived vicariously instead of actually being lived. 

All too often, inspiration is wasted on the inspired.

We must not let this be so with us. 

We cannot allow the inspiration we receive to wither and die in our possession. 

We must do something with it. 

At first, what we do may not, itself, feel inspired or inspiring.

But, it is not up to us to decide. 

It is up to us to practice, to put in the time and the effort, and to share the results of that effort with the world so that others may be given the same opportunity we have been given. 

This is what it means to do generous work. 

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