Improvement On Perspective

Life is full of challenges. 

No one really has it easy. 

We all struggle. 

Our struggles may not look or feel like the struggles others face, but we all struggle in our own way. 

The quality of our life is largely determined, therefore, not by if, but by how we struggle. 

How we handle the challenges we we face from day to day will have a major impact on our overall perspective on life. 

More importantly, however, our perspective on life has an even greater impact on the way that we handle the challenges we face from day to day. 

If we can change our perspective on life, we can change the way that we live it. 

The challenges life throws at us are what they are. 

We do not have very much control over when, how, and in what form they manifest. 

We can, however, change the way that we perceive these challenges. 

We can change our perspective so that we view life’s challenges as opportunities for growth instead of setbacks. 

By changing our perspective in this way, we begin to embrace our struggles instead of resisting or avoiding them. 

An improvement made on our perspective, even a minor one, has the ability to transform our entire life and the lives of those around us in untold ways. 

(Inspired by my friend Barney)

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