Adjusting Expectations

Relationships, no matter what kind, can sometimes be challenging. 

There are expectations on all side of every relationship. 

These expectations are often unspoken, misspoken, or misunderstood. 

This can lead to all manner of navigational difficulty. 

It can cause conflict, resistance, and oppositional forces that jeopardize both the relationship and the goals of all who are involved. 

This may even happen unintentionally.

In fact, most of the time, people have good intentions that are simply not communicated well enough to come across as such. 

It is important, therefore, that we are clear with what we want. 

More so, it is critical that we express this in a way that is clearly understood. 

Even if we are perfect in this, however, things may still not go our way. 

We must be willing to accept this reality and adjust our expectations or our course. 

It does no one any good if we fight over something that is not going to happen anyway. 

Unless this is a battle worthy of dying over, the sooner we can move on, the happier and more successful we will be. 

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