Improving Through Our Struggles

None of us is immune from the struggles of life. 

No one gets a pass. 

Challenges, difficulties, and troubles are part of the deal. 

We do not get to control how they come at us, when, or in what quantity. 

Their timing is never convenient. 

When it is our time to struggle, it is simply our time. 

We do get to control how we respond to our struggles, however. 

We get to choose how we will behave once their inevitability manifests as actuality. 

When faced with adversity, we must decide who we want to be because of it or in spite of it. 

We must decide how we want it to affect us. 

We can either allow it to overcome us, to defeat us, and to change us for the worse, or we can rise to meet the challenge, adapt to our new circumstances, and become better people because of it. 

Every obstacle is an opportunity for improvement if we allow it to be. 

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