A Vision Shared

Having vision means seeing things differently than other people do, but your vision will never be a movement unless others see it also.

‘Egg’ by Ana

Vision without action and without an audience is just daydreaming. There is nothing wrong with daydreaming, but daydreaming alone is not going to bring about any change in your life or the lives of those you wish to serve with your vision. This means that you must bring your vision to life and vision is not real unless it is shared with and by others.

You may have the best idea in the world, but without the ability to communicate that idea to others in a way that inspires them to care enough to take action, it is still just an idea. In order for an idea to become a reality, it must find an audience, and make some kind of change in the world, no matter how small that change might be.

We never know how far an idea’s impact may ripple through time and space once we bring it to life. If it is an idea worth sharing, we owe it to ourselves and to the idea itself to do so.

“As in life, so too it is in budo. As in budo, so too it is life.”

-Robert Van Valkenburgh is co-founder of Taikyoku Mind & Body and Kogen Dojo where he teaches Taikyoku Budo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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