Sunday School and LSD

3 thoughts on “Sunday School and LSD”

  1. Amazing post Robert.
    I didn’t use drugs, but can relate to the outcast experience. Instead of drugs, I went straight to the spiritual/mystical books and practices yet somehow ended up with the same kind of pattern of escaping an unwanted reality through seeking spiritual highs. I guess there’s an underlying psychology that clings to positive feelings, when everything else feels unacceptably bleak. I’m learning to disentangle genuine spiritual desire from the addictive or escapist aspect. Your story is really helpful.

    1. Thank you for the kind words.
      My friend once recommended a book to me called Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, by Chögyam Trungpa. It’s an interesting read, as it addresses the error of attaching oneself to the experiences of the spiritual path instead of simply staying on the path. Now, Trungpa himself was known to be a lecherous drunk, so one must take lessons from his writings without necessarily following the man himself.

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