Kogen Dojo

Founded in 2017, the essence of Kogen Dojo is in its name. An amalgam of the Japanese characters 古 (ko), meaning ancient or classical, and 現 (gen), meaning present or modern, Kogen Dojo is a place where both classical and modern martial and holistic arts are practiced and taught.

Photo by Mike Oswald Photography

Kogen Dojo is the manifestation of an ideal.  It is a place where a diverse group of practitioners and arts come together with mutual respect for each other.  Practitioners at Kogen Dojo are encouraged to cross-practice in one or more arts, as a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure in martial and holistic arts.

Kogen Dojo offers:

  • GRACIE JIU-JITSU for self defense and competition
  • MUAY THAI for competition and fitness
  • TAIKYOKU BUDO aikido/jujutsu for personal development
  • TAIKYOKU KIKO movement practice for internal strength
  • YOGA for balance and flexibility
  • MEDITATION for focus and clarity

Robert Van Valkenburgh practices and teaches martial and holistic arts at Kogen Dojo in Severna Park, MD.  To find out more about Kogen Dojo or to schedule a Private or Group Lesson with Robert Van Valkenburgh, contact Robert below: