Truth and Gospel

My first college professor, the one who inspired me to pursue higher education after dropping out of high school, taught religious studies and philosophy. The first class I took with him was called Eastern Religions. It should have been called Asian Religions because even Judaism, Islam, and Christianity originated in The East, but I digress. [...]

60 Years to Think About It

When my wife and I were engaged, we got into an argument and, partially joking, I made the comment, "What am I getting myself into?" Without missing a beat, she replied, "Well, you have the next 60 years to think about it." We both laughed and the argument dissipated. When my paternal grandmother passed away, [...]

Design: Protect Ya Neck

Design has become one of my creative passions. Like many of my hobbies, designing logos, flyers, websites, etc. started with an idea and a compelling urge to see it come to life. Below is a design I did for my martial art school, Kogen Dojo, where I teach and train. I designed both our main [...]