Affecting What Is

Reality is typically not as dramatic as our imaginations make it seem. 

Things are rarely as bad as we fear or as good as we hope they will be.

Instead of seeing and accepting life as it is, we have the capacity to make it either better or worse in our minds. 

This is not really all that useful. 

In fact, our tendency to exaggerate the truth in our minds can greatly complicate the way we experience the world, our relationships, and even ourselves. 

What we think or feel about what has happened or what may happen is not nearly as helpful as what is actually happening. 

What is happening is what we actually have influence over. 

It is what we can take action on. 

It is far easier, after all, to change the way we think and feel with action than it is to change our actions with thoughts and feelings. 

Starting with that which we can actually affect, therefore, is far more beneficial than starting with how we feel or what we think about it. 

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